Lending Services

At First Bank, we offer a variety of loans to our customers. Whether your loan needs are large or small, we are ready to talk with you about how our loan services can meet your needs. Let us help you find financing appropriate to your situation.

Sound bank policies, coupled with careful observance of state and federal lending regulations, make First Bank your dependable partner in providing a wide range of loan services. Stop by any of our convenient locations and allow our loan specialists to work with you on your financial needs.

Auto Loans

First Bank offers complete financial services on all types of automobiles, including both new and late model used cars.

Recreational Loans

We make all types of recreational loans…campers, boats and even loans to buy recreational equipment and supplies.

Personal Loans

First Bank can make personal loans that are ideal for paying taxes, medical bills, or loans to see you through emergencies. In fact, a personal loan can be used to consolidate several small debts into a single monthly payment.

Mortgage Loans Originators

  • Jarrod Kirby MLO#509427
  • Dinah D Lee MLO#509428
  • Jarrod Pressley MLO#509432
  • Suzanne Scott MLO#509431
  • Kim Bain MLO#509430
  • Rachel Rampy MLO#1264545
  • Kaitlin A Richardson MLO#1804775

Construction Loans

Building? We are your headquarters for construction loans. We’ll help arrange a loan that lets you and your family build the home of your dreams. Construction/permanent loans are also available.

Home Improvement Loans

Talk with us about a loan that helps you add on a room, a deck, even install a new pool. First Bank can make any type of home or property improvement loan.