Online Security

 Online Security is a high priority.  We care about our members and their Online Security. Please take a moment to read these security tips. 

Online Security 

• Never click on suspicious links in emails, tweets, posts, or online advertising. Links can take you to a different website than their labels indicate. Typing an address in your browser instead of clicking a link in an email is a safer alternative. 

• Only submit sensitive information to websites using encryption to ensure your information is protected as it travels across the Internet. Verify the web address begins with “https://” (the “s”is for secure) rather than just “http://’ . Some browsers also display a closed padlock . 

• Do not trust sites with certificate warnings or errors. These messages could be caused by your connection being intercepted or the web server misrepresenting its identity. 

• Avoid using public computers or public wireless access points for online banking and other activities involving sensitive information when possible. 

• Always “sign out” or “log off’ of password protected websites when finished to prevent unauthorized access. Simply closing the browser window may not actually end your session. 

• Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls, emails, or texts directing you to a website or requesting information. 

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