Debit Card Information

Travel Notice

Going on vacation or a business trip? Let us know your travel plans beforehand to ensure access to your Mastercard® debit card is not interrupted. Transactions outside your normal purchasing pattern can be flagged for suspicious activity through our fraud protection services.

Benefits of submitting a travel notice:

  1. Protects against fraud
  2. Helps to ensure card usage isn’t interrupted
  3. Travel with the convenience of using your card

To submit a travel notification for your debit card:

  1. You may contact your local office.
  2. You may send a secure message in Internet Banking.
  3. You may use the “Contact Us” form located on the website.*

*Please note that in order to use this option, a call back will be required to verify the information submitted.  Please make sure you include a number where you can be reached.

Managing Your Own Card

You now have the option to turn your card on and off via your online banking account or through the mobile banking app. Simply find your card number in the list of accounts and click or touch the check mark in the on/off column beside the card number. You will have the option to turn the card on/off. This will help in the event you misplace your card, you just do not want it to be used during a period of time or you want to only have it turned on when you are making a purchase.

Important Numbers for your Debit Card:

PIN changes (you must know your existing PIN): 833-998-4698
Card Activation: 833-998-4698
Lost/Stolen Cards: 833-933-1681
Responding to an automated Fraud Detection Call: 855-961-1602